Here is described a mechanism for democratic representation for the people in gumbaynggirr:

There are about 100,000 people in this area which includes most of the colonial electoral division called cowper.

The colonial electoral commission has set the boundaries and made up electoral rolls for those who live around here to elect one person to represent to us in the gatherings of reps from all over the big island and other islands nearby. They call this gathering “parliament”.

About 100,000 people around here are on a list of those who are required to vote.

A nominated candidate for election must:

  • be on the list
  • have 12 others on the list who agree to the nominated candidate representing them in the parliament for three years
  • pay $250

There are rules about how much money candidates can spend in their effort to get elected and how much individuals can donate to the candidate.
With 100,000 people, $1 from each should cover costs and is well under the donation limit.

In 2025 we're required to elect one person to send to the colonial parliament for three years. We can do it for about $1 each. That person will be paid over twice that in each of three years!

The main cost is travel and lunch – the candidate will want to meet with as many people in the area as possible - a tank of fuel or an EV charge and a salad sandwich every day for a couple of months. About 100 days at $1000 a day should cover it.

There are halls and parks in all the towns and villages and they all have groups who can arrange gatherings.

Our representative, when elected, will also receive enough to employ a couple of locals to help.

Let's choose someone for the 2025 show.

We need someone who will promise to:
  • give us a way to receive information about what laws the parliament is planning to make or change.
    (They call these plans “bills”.)
  • give us a way to tell them how we'd like them to vote on those bills
  • take our unanimous suggestions to the parliament as private member's bills

Let's send Bill